Miss D's Adventures

You’re never too old to have fun

on 28 October 2012

Hey everybody! I wanna tell you about my day today. See, even though I’m an 11-year-old, I still love to have fun! So I asked my dad whether I can go to the playground in Suria with my sisters, I also told him I would pay for it. At first he insisted I go to another playground, but I told my dad I want my sisters to enjoy something new for a change. Then he said OK, we were suppose to go there yesterday but didn’t have the time,so we went TODAY! It was SUPER fun! Me and my sisters enjoyed ourselves, I told them which part of the playground I love to go, we even met some new friends. 🙂 After that, I told my dad I could use my leftover money to buy McDonalds for me and my sisters. Delish! I had a fun time, because I only get to do this once in a while, and I might not beable to do it again when I’m older, ‘cus my mom says these stuff are for YOUNGER kids. By the way, fashion colour of the week: Black & Blue! ENJOY! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!! She is the reason for the TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR! 😀

Miss D


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