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Giving my sisters a chance…

on 10 November 2012

Hey guys, how are you? The holidays are here, YAY! Soon it will be the most happiest event of the year, CHRISTMAS! WOOHOO! Anyway, today, I’m letting my sisters post a while, to give them the feeling of how writing a blog feels. Okay, these are my sisters’s posts. Enjoy!

Spunky J:

Hey guys! How you doing? I don’t really know anything about blogs. So, when we start opening our presents on Christmas, I know My Mum will get me my doctor toy set I asked for. Okay….. Nothing to talk about now.  So long, Guys!

That is my youngest sis, now my second youngest sis, Tabi J:

Hi, guys! How are you? You know, I always, always ask my mum to get me my very own blog… But she doesn’t! It’s alright, maybe when I’m older I’ll get my own blog. Bye, got to go do Art and Craft! ❤ ❤

Okay, that is all for today! Fashion colour of the week: Pink and Brown. Enjoy! May God bless all of us! 😀

Miss D


2 responses to “Giving my sisters a chance…

  1. Hey girls! So nice to hear from you. Can i join the fashion of the week too?

  2. Miss D says:

    Haha…..sorry I didn’t realize ur comment till now. 🙂 ya can’t join fashion week, you can wear the colour!

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