Miss D's Adventures

Just saying ‘hi’ (Hi!)

on 7 August 2013

Hey guys! I’m posting again! Sorry I haven’t posted for a long time, well, you know I have studies so, yeah. How’s everyone doing? I miss posting oooo…….I forgotten how great it feels to put up a post. I think if I’m not wrong, I’ve been using this blog for two years now! Wow, how time flies. Once my studies for this year are finished, I may spend more time blogging, I hope. I love this. I hope when something fun comes up I’ll be able to post about it! And this……instead of the word ‘fashion’, I’ll say Colour of The Week! Soooo……not only your clothes can be the colour, everything else can also be coloured with the Colour of The Week! Okay, so, the colours this week are: Blue n Red! My two fave colours, for guys n gals! Ok, that’s all for now. Have fun! May God bless everyone! Muakss…😘

Miss D


2 responses to “Just saying ‘hi’ (Hi!)

  1. my colours of the week are green and black. because i have alot of green shirts and alot of black pants.

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