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My New Year’s Resolution

Hey guys! It’s a new year! Time sure goes by SUPER fast. It’s been a while since I last blogged and I should have posted this on New Year’s Day, but that’s ok because here’s the post! I’ve got THREE New Year’s resolutions this year: Number one, I want to bring my other BFFs to my youth this year, Cass, SHY, TND. Yeap. Number two, I want to try to be organized when it comes to family, friends, church and myself. Last year I was stressing about A LOT of things because everything was disorganized and messy. I told myself that from now on, I have to have a PLANNER. A planner will help me a LOT. Third one is to just LOVE not HATE. I usually don’t hate, I dislike. But I dislike very small little things because I LOVE a lot of people, things and many more in life. Love family, love friends, love school, love nature and most importantly, love GOD. That’s my New Year’s Resolution, what’s yours? That’s all for today, may God bless us all. 🙂

Miss D